The Franka Emika robot is programmed using the Desk web application. This is opened by entering . In Desk you can create tasks. Tasks are program sequences and consist of a chronological sequence of apps. Apps are the building blocks of a task and describe the basic abilities of Panda, e.g. "grasp", "put down" or "press key".

The Desk consists of the following components

  • The Timeline (red) is the area where you can arrange your apps to program your task. The Task area (blue) is where you can save your programmed tasks, perform administration tasks, or click on already programmed tasks to invoke them.
  • The App area (blue), i.e. the collection of installed apps available to you for programming, can be found here. You can simply drag and drop apps onto the timeline to configure them for the next step.
  • In the sidebar/sidebar (green) you can see which guiding mode the robot is in. In other words, whether, for example, translational or rotational motion is enabled for guiding the robot. Below this are important messages about the status of the Franka Emika robot, e.g. whether the external activation switch is on or off, or whether there is an error.