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Lightweight Robotics Core - Part 1: Franka Emika robot system

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About this course

In this Lightweight Robotics Core course you will learn the basics of lightweight robotics using the Franka Emika robot as an example. You will also learn a lot about the TQ-Core package for app-based programming of the robot. This is the first part of the course.

We start in part 1 with an introduction to the robot system, how to start it up, how to operate it, how to program it and much more. Afterwards in part 2 the robot motion will be the topic. Here you will learn about different types of movement, what to look out for and when to use them. Part 3 of the course deals with the tactile capabilities of the robot. Due to the moment sensors built into each joint, the Panda enables many new abilities that you probably haven't known from robots before. The most important comes at the end. The use of the robot to solve handling and assembly tasks will be covered in part 4 of the course. Together we will implement different applications with the robot.

After the course you will be able to operate the robot system independently. You will be able to easily implement robot automation, i.e. program it. In addition, you will be able to better assess for which applications lightweight robots can be used.

Come and get to know the latest robot technology. We are looking forward to it!

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