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TQ 2D-Camera-Solution (english)

3 Modules 5 Chapters 9 Lessons Advanced

About this course

This course gives you a perfect introduction to the world of camera-based robot automation with the Franka Emika robot and the TQ-2D Camera Solution package.

The first part of the course deals with the commissioning of the solution package. The individual components are introduced and the configuration of the camera system is described.

Subsequently, the apps in the 2D Camera Solution package are introduced.

Finally, two exemplary applications for a camera-based pick-and-place are shown.

Have fun!

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Course structure

Camera subscribers only
3 Chapters

Getting Started

Dieses Modul behandelt den Aufbau, die Konfiguration sowie die ersten Schritte um die TQ 2D-Camera-Solution in Betrieb zu nehmen.

System overview 2 Lessons

Configuration und calibration 2 Lessons

Detect objects 1 Lesson

Camera subscribers only
1 Chapter

App description

In diesem Modul werden die Apps der TQ 2D-Camera-Solution vorgestellt.

2D Camera apps 1 Lesson

Camera subscribers only
1 Chapter


Dieses Modul zeigt zwei beispielhafte Anwendungen, in dem die TQ 2D-Camera-Solution eingesetzt werden kann.