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Franka Production 3 - Core (en)

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About this course

This course shows you the basic skills in using, operating and programming the FRANKA EMIKA Production 3. The course is for everyone. On the one hand, it can be your entry into the world of robotics, but on the other hand, it can also provide you with further knowledge if you have been working with robots for a longer period of time. The course is divided into four parts.

  1. The robot system 
  2. robot motions
  3. tactile skills
  4. applications

The first part deals with the robot system, the FRANKA EMIKA Production 3. It will be explained how to unpack, install and start up the system. Furthermore, the operation via the desk and the pilot as well as the safety features are discussed.The second part deals with the robot motions. There are different types of motions that can be implemented. These are described and implemented using the apps as examples. The difference between the types of movement is highlighted.

Due to the built-in moment sensors in each joint, the forces on the robot arm can be measured. This enables new forms of interaction with the robot as well as capabilities. These points will be covered in the third part of the course.In the fourth and last part of the course, the use of the robot in concrete applications will be discussed. Here, it will be shown how, for example, a pick-and-place can be realized with the apps. In addition, external communication via Modbus will also be covered.

All this enables you to use the robot for your application and also to realize further applications with the FRANKA EMIKA Production 3.We look forward to seeing you in the course!

If you notice something during the course (spelling mistakes, videos that don't work yet or similar), we would be happy to receive your feedback by mail (info@skillbotics.com) or in the feedback forms at the end of the chapters.

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Nur für FP3 Core-Abonnenten
Nur für FP3 Core-Abonnenten